Betty the Yeti

Snowport’s cryptozoological creature

While there’s always something new in Seaport, one thing remains consistent: Betty the Yeti’s return each winter. Pink, plush, and just plain convivial, Betty may travel the globe in the off seasons, but she will always call Snowport her home. Betty’s stardom shines far and wide across Snowport, inspiring cocktails at all her favorites bars, short stories by some of Boston’s aspiring young writers, and yes, even a plushie.
New to Snowport this year, is Betty’s Blizzard Bluff at The Superette. The Courtyard has been transformed into a winter wonderland (or Betty-land depending on who you ask), featuring twinkling lights and snow mounds reminiscent of Betty’s birthplace in the Himalayas. Stop by and see if you’re lucky enough to spot Ms. Elusive and Exclusive herself.

Ms. Elusive and Exclusive

The Ice Queen

Betty the Yeti

in Boston Seaport