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Boston Uncornered Project
Aug. 24
Sep. 15
21 Stillings Street

Boston Uncornered Project

The Boston Uncornered Photo Project Exhibit is a series of 22 remarkable, large-scale black and white portraits. These portraits are of an unconventional mix: Boston Mayoral candidates, athletes, business leaders, or those who were gang involved. The ambition of showing these groups side by side is to remind the viewer that anyone and everyone has experienced the feeling of being cornered. And that just the right intervention can change this, no matter who you are.
This meaningful photography installation therefore reveals the universal experience of what it means to be Uncornered. Through bold portraits, photographer John Huet has captured the humanity of a broad range of people, sharing in their own words a moment when they felt cornered and how they became Uncornered.
The exhibit highlights our shared humanity as we work together to end some of the biggest issues facing the next mayor of Boston: systemic racism, gang violence and urban poverty. It was created pro bono by PJA Advertising + Marketing in partnership with Boston Uncornered, and Boston Seaport by WS Development.
The Boston Uncornered Project will be on display on Sea Green Park August 24, 2021 through September 15, 2021.

The Uncornered Project