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Art + Culture
Jun. 4, 2017:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
75 Northern Avenue
(617) 737-1296

Common Boston Festival 2017 at District Hall

Stop by District Hall to learn more about the space, take a self-guided tour, and explore the history and the future of innovation.

Common Boston promotes a greater appreciation of the built environment, inspires discussion about excellence in design, planning, and preservation, and broadens awareness of the rich architectural and cultural traditions present in diverse communities throughout greater Boston.

Built on the site of the former waterfront rail yards, District Hall’s architecture is inspired by the area’s industrial past. The building has two basic volumes: a long, low bar that references box cars that once populated the site, and an angular shell that recalls the materials and forms of the shipping industry’s boats and waterfront warehouses. District Hall is the first freestanding city-championed innovation center of its kind in the country, anchoring the emerging Innovation District. Inside, find a restaurant and café, workspaces, and classrooms. District Hall’s mission is to build, strengthen, and connect individuals and communities of innovators while expanding the visibility and benefits of Greater Boston’s innovation economy.
Architect: Hacin + Associates
Year: 2013