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Nov. 1, 2018:
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
68 Seaport Boulevard
(857) 233-4639

For Now: The Upcoming Elections Bootcamp

Join For Now and their special guest, Alice Peisch, MA State Rep, as she talks all things midterms.
Kaity and Katharine started For Now, in part, to tell the stories of emerging brands – they’re suckers for a good narrative and they wanted to expand the stage to other topics that matter to them, such as politics.

That said, they’re kicking things off with a midterm bootcamp; no equipment required – though you might still break a sweat. If you’re anything like them, you have a lot of questions. What am I voting for? How should I vote? Do our votes mean anything on a national level?

Alice will be giving a high level overview of the midterms (why they matter – trust us, they do), ballot topics (there are only three – who decides what they are), and key races (near and far – get your pom poms ready). She will also be discussing MA’s role on the national stage. Followed by all the questions you want to ask.