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For Now: Free Glow
Nov. 2, 2019:
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
68 Seaport Boulevard
(857) 233-4639

For Now: Free Glow

For Now’s mini glow bar is offering guests an express treatment for your face and hands paired with a plant-based tonic leaving you glowing from the inside out.

A certified herbalist and esthetician will help guide guests through a 4-step process that includes cleansing, steaming, toning and hydrating with For Now’s newly released “Glowing Aura” facial oil.

Afterward, enjoy a hand mask. This process will literally make your hands feel reborn, ultra-soft and completely rejuvenated. Guests can apply the formulated mask mixed with their choice of specialty dried flowers to create an optimal hand mask that smells amazing and leaves hands feeling so soft.

To double down on your glow experience For Now will give guests a sample of their custom tonic made from nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients to help your skin reach its optimal radiance and glow from the inside out