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Friends of Fort Point: Pumpkin Pageant
Oct. 8, 2020:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
290 Congress Street

Friends of Fort Point: Pumpkin Pageant

2020 has been a SPOOKY one…Friends of Fort Point wants to see what has spooked you the most this year. They are asking you to decorate this pumpkin with what your “New Normal” of 2020 looks like- bags under the eyes, sweatpants, top-knot buns, worried expressions, half-dressed for Zoom calls- you draw it and they want to see it.

3 Categories will be awarded- Spookiest, Silliest, and Most Artistic. Each winner will receive a trophy and a $50-dollar gift card to a local Fort Point Restaurant.

Deadline is October 31st 6PM EST. Please send all entries to info@friendsfpc.org Only one entry per-email.

Head to here to print out our template designed by The Daily Dunc @thedailydunc.