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Gallery At 249 A: Family Ties Exhibit
Jun. 15
Jul. 25
249 A Street

Gallery At 249 A: Family Ties Exhibit

Family Ties
June 15th – July 25th
Vanessa Varjian, Dan Osterman, Bebe Beard
Living in an artists’ building in Fort Point brings opportunities to share ideas and
artwork easily. Dan Osterman and Bebe Beard have had that easy exchange with Vanessa Varjian, too, because she is their niece. It has been their delight to watch her work evolve so fruitfully. Especially, when she was a student at MassArt for her last year, she lived at #52 with Dan and Bebe.
Vanessa Varjian and Dan Osterman are painters inspired by the observation of the outdoors. While keen observers, both enjoy pushing paint on board or paper into more poetic realms. Bebe Beard’s work takes on a fantasy of organic shapes that celebrate or seem held down by man’s refuse.
Please call or text Bebe at 617-416-7827 to arrange a time to visit Gallery 14.

Family Ties

Vanessa Varjian Canyon Lake

Dan Osterman Lobster Boat

Bebe Beard Invader Series

Family Ties