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Jon Burgerman: Looking Out for Each Other
Oct. 8, 2020
Oct. 31, 2020
60 Seaport Boulevard

Jon Burgerman: Looking Out for Each Other

Brooklyn-based, internationally renowned, British artist Jon Burgerman encourages mistakes and improvisation within his practice to allow for new ways of making. His mission is to inspire creativity in others whilst being unsure exactly what he will make next. Burgerman takes inspiration from everything around him; from popular culture, animation, the natural world and fine art.

‘Looking Out For Each Other’, inspired by recent world events, brings together reoccurring concepts in Burgerman’s art practice, such as characters seeking an emotional connection to their audience and the desire to play and interact.

Burgerman often delights in placing his hand-made work into the real world, mixing up the real and fantastical.

Looking Out For Each Other encourages a playful re-examining of our local environment. What have you missed whilst you’ve been away and what are you looking out for now that you’re back?

The colorful, funny, and sometimes weird characters look to welcome you back home. Look out for them as you visit Seaport and they in turn will look out for you.