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Oct. 24, 2018:
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
68 Seaport Boulevard
(857) 233-4639

For Now: The Influencer Economy, Unfiltered

Join For Now at Boston Seaport for an upcoming panel: The Influencer Economy, Unfiltered. If you’re a marketer trying to work with influencers, or if you’re an influencer trying to work with brands, you’ve probably been a little perplexed by the whole process at one time or another (or always).

While there is no “one size fits all” For Now has gathered a group of great Boston women, from both sides of the aisle, to help de-mystify this great marketing relationship.

Erin Bailey, fitness influencer (@ebailey_fitness) + Fitness Director, Asics
Mary Concannnon, All Heart PR
Jennifer Hanway, wellness expert + influencer (@jenniferhanway)
Laurel McConville, founder of Nectar & Green
Lisa Mullan, founder of Uwila Warrior
Becky Shade, influencer (@popcircumstance) + founder of Shade Made Creative
Ashley Steele, fashion influencer (@astyledaffair)