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Art + Culture
Oct. 3, 2019:
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
100 Pier 4 Boulevard Suite 200
(617) 266-1810

Society of Arts + Crafts: Exploring Ideas of Japanese Work

Join the Society of Arts and Crafts as professor and curator Merry White shares insights into the art and craft of Japanese food-preparation and presentation!

“Observing no distinction between art and craft, Japanese craftsmen and artists receive the same status, exhibit their works in the same venues and get the same prices for their work. Japanese food is often touted for its aesthetic qualities, raising food to the same level as more permanent works of beauty. In this discussion we will cover industrial, domestic and artisanal foods as objects of taste and beauty, with some perhaps surprising stories. It’s not all kaiseki.” – Merry White

This event is alongside the Kogei-Kyoto at SA+C Boston exhibition, which features over 60 works from Japanese craftspeople.