Air Sea Land
by Okuda San Miguel

The Spanish contemporary artist Okuda brings his iconic “pop-surrealist” art form to Seaport through seven monumental sculptures lining Seaport Boulevard. In form, they are vibrant and lively; in concept, they serve as a tale of life, coexistence, and environment. Okuda reflects on ancient ideas that man has wrestled with since the dawn of time: genesis and the creation of diverse animal species. The sculptures portray how animals developed—first by light and water, untouched by human influence, and then later shaped by humans. Additionally, he examines the importance of mythology in the shared history of animals and mankind. As his world continues to unfold, Okuda separated animals into two simplified categories—domestic and wild—as a reminder of the delicate, natural balance of our environment. By using geometric, multi-colored surfaces, Okuda invites the viewer into his imagination, where one can expand their thoughts on evolution, coexistence, and harmony.

Stop and See
along Seaport Boulevard

Mythological Being 1

Mythological Being 2



There's So Much To Seaport
Watch the neighborhood get more colorful.

Okuda San Miguel created and installed seven monumental sculptures that line Seaport Boulevard. Influenced by animals and natural elements, these pieces are colorful and vibrant explorations on themes of life, intersection and coexistence. They speak both to Boston’s rich history as well as its boundless future, and they add both aesthetic and cultural value to this lively area.

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