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Small spaces, big ideas. Experimental and experiential. The Current is home to an ever-evolving lineup of brands and businesses that spin the concept of a traditional storefront into something truly special. It’s instant gratification – discover something new, touch it and take it home with you – with an element of the unexpected. Designed as a miniature village to wander and explore, The Current is a new approach to pop-ups that’s redefining retail.
For this season, Boston Seaport by WS Development and Klaviyo, a leading customer data and marketing platform based in Boston, have partnered to create Klaviyo @ The Current which places more emphasis than ever on supporting emerging brands. Both Klaviyo and WS are in the business of building community through lasting relationships and believe retailers need both the physical and digital components to be successful and meet their customers where they are. Klaviyo @ The Current is home to an exciting mix of brands in the neighborhood and is open October 2021 through mid-January 2022.

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