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Everyone should experience what better feels like, whether it be better recovery, better sleep, or a better state of mind. Beam’s products are made using organic pharmaceutical-grade CBD; 100% THC-free, 100% ready to elevate your every day. Stop by the pop-up from May 11th to July 11th.
Meet Matt + Kevin
They’re active guys who have played professional sports, trained for Ironman triathlons, and competed in CrossFit competitions. Long story short—they’ve pushed their bodies to the brink for the joy of sport and the thrill of competition. But the aches and pains from being active came with sleepless nights and increased stress.

About four years ago, they were introduced to CBD and experienced first-hand how it reduced inflammation and pain. What’s more, is that they were sleeping better, were less anxious, and had more energy.

To put it plainly, CBD changed their lives. After struggling to find a product that was high quality, transparent about ingredients, and effective, they decided to create their own. And, so, Beam was born.

Co-Founders of Beam

Beam CBD