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21 Stillings Street

This mural is on display on Sea Green Park through September of 2021.


Chewy: The Ultimate Pet Portrait

The work is titled “The Ultimate Pet Portrait.” It was created in celebration of Chewy’s 10 Year anniversary, and has been installed in the hometown markets of Boston and South Florida.
Depicting the pets of customers who have been with Chewy since it was founded in 2011, the Ultimate Pet Portrait is a public tribute to all the loyal pet parents and the thousands of Chewy team members who are essential contributors to this 10 Year milestone. The mural features animals of varying types and breeds – including cats, dogs, birds and even a guinea pig, and was inspired by Chewy’s well-known and beloved practice of surprising customers with hand-painted portraits of their pets.
The design, which will be on view through September, takes visual cues from Chewy’s popular “Pets Bring Us Together” brand campaign and features personalized pet portraits that were sent to customers as part of the initiative.

"The Ultimate Pet Portrait"