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Dear Seaport

What is Dear Seaport?

In July 2017, we installed three “Dear Seaport” boxes in the Seaport neighborhood to invite people to submit words describing Seaport and how they feel while they are here. Within the first six weeks, we have received more than 1,000 submissions. After reviewing all entries, we carefully curated 200 words, which will be reiterated in the form of an interactive art installation. Stay tuned.
This project is brought to you by Seaport, a project by WS, with love.

46 ways to write “HAPPY”

Some of the most popular entries were happy (46 times), home (19 times), beautiful (16 times), alive (12 times), calm (11 times), relaxed (11 times), magical (10 times), and peaceful (10 times).

How Can I Participate?

You can submit your own entry at one of the three “Dear Seaport” boxes, tell us what makes Seaport special to you. Your words will be part of an iterative art installation. You can find a Dear Seaport box at Sea Green, Seaport Common, or on Harbor Way (in front of JuicePress).
Please tell another person about this project.
Stay tuned by following us on instagram @seaportbos. 

Dear Seaport box at Sea Green.

Dear Seaport box at Sea Green.

Call Seaport home

Seaport is beautiful

46 ways to write "HAPPY" - 1

46 ways to write "HAPPY" - 2

Seaport is wicked magical! <3

Dear Seaport box at Sea Green.