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L.L.Bean: Building Your Backcountry First Aid Kit
Apr. 28, 2020:
5:30 pm
56 Seaport Boulevard
(888) 660-1572

L.L.Bean: Building Your Backcountry First Aid Kit

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert all the first-aid supplies you’ll need for your next outdoor adventure. They’ll start by focusing on the five basic variables to consider when building a first-aid kit: group size, trip length and distance, potential injuries and illnesses, specific medical conditions and your own medical knowledge and skills. Plus, they’ll discuss the benefits of assemble-it-yourself first-aid kits vs. pre-assembled kits.

You’ll also participate in a hands-on, small-group discussion of the contents needed for a first-aid kit based on three different outing scenarios. You’ll assess the needs of each kit based on the first three basic variables outlined earlier in the clinic. Afterwards, the whole group will get together to discuss what first-aid materials would be needed for each scenario. L.L. Bean experts will also briefly explain the purpose for each item in the kit. They also discuss where it should be placed, so it can be quickly located during stressful emergency situations.

Please note: This is not a first-aid certification class. Proper first-aid training is very important for knowing what to do in emergency situations. You should only attempt first aid when you feel comfortable giving it.